Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Get Rid Of ALL Your Stuff BEFORE Moving!!!

By Melody Schafer - YouTube Vlogger Subscribe http://LivingFreeForever.com

No matter if you plan on studying abroad, traveling the world, or just moving to another state....downsizing should be one of your first steps. Decluttering and getting rid of most of your stuff will make your life so much easier for the next stage you have planned in your life.

The more you travel or the more you move, the more you will see that all that STUFF is just getting in your way and not as important as you once thought it was. You either have to pack it, store it and also have to PAY to have it moved and/or stored. It's just not worth having STUFF.

I can see why minimalism or becoming a minimalist is becoming so trendy these days. Younger people see how their parents are bogged down but STUFF and are afraid to travel or move because it is just too much work to even think about because what will they do with all their belongings? Many younger people are thinking ahead and want to live "light" so they can have more freedom to do what they want, such as travel.

This video gives you a little insight on my thoughts on this topic. Free yourself! Declutter! Downsize! Minimalize!

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