Friday, December 9, 2016

It's Like Living In National Geographic

By Melody Schafer - YouTube Vlogger

We are originally from Ohio but moved to Southwest Florida 7 years ago. It still feels like we are living in National Geographic with all the AMAZING wildlife in nature. Seeing an alligator cross the road is not so uncommon as one would think.

We were not bird watchers when we first moved to Florida but we soon became one with the variety of beautiful birds and of course other wildlife. We also started a YouTube channel called Living Free Forever, ,  to share the amazing experiences we have had here in Florida with our family as well as our future plans of travel.

There is so much more diversity in nature and wildlife here in Southwest Florida than we ever could have imagined. We hope if you have not had a chance to visit Florida that you will do it one day. It is definitely a wonderful destination.

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