Monday, November 28, 2016

What To Look For When Buying Land

By Melody Schafer

What to look for when buying land

1. How much are taxes with just land? How much will taxes be after you build the house you are planning on building?
2. How many acres do you need to build a house?
3. How big or small of a house can you build?
4. If you want to build a workshop first...does city code allow you to do that? If so, can you have a bathroom, shower, toilet so you can live in it while you are building house?
5. Can you target practice? 4 wheel? Hunt? How much land do you need to do any of these things you would like to do?
6. What can and can't you do on that land? Can you sell things like produce from your garden? Woodworking? Xmas trees? Commericial/residential?
7. Think ahead in case you want to change your mind as to what you want to do on that property. You may think at first you may only want it for residential but later wish you could sell something off the land and work from home.
8. Can you park your RV? Can you camp out on your land if you don't have a house on it?
9. Can you build a tiny house? What size? Get all the details and codes.
10. Can you build bon fires?
11. Can you have city water and well water? Or do you have to cap off your well water if you tie into the city water?
12. Can you have dogs? Chickens? Other type of animals?
13. Is this a gated piece of property? Monthly cost?
14. Other rules you didn't think about?
15. Does it  have sewer, gas & city water? If not, if it comes down your street is it mandatory for you to plug in? If so? Cost?
16. What is being built nearby? Will the cost of your property increase? Decrease?
17. Is there fracking? Will they be going under your land?
18. Can you dig for oil? Gas? and sell it?
19. Can you collect rain water if out west?
20. Ask lots of questions BEFORE you buy.
Owner financing?
Farmer's Credit Bureau loans?
21. Is there a lien on the property?
22. Talk to neighbors or locals in the area at the bar, grocery store of what they know about area and about the land you may want to buy.
23, What is the closest emergency roome? Hospital? Doctors?
24. Demographics? Statistics? Crime?

There are so many more questions you can ask before buying land. Grab your notebook and start taking notes. The more you research, the better off you will be. Good luck with your hunt for land!

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