Monday, October 31, 2016

Achieve HUGE Goals With Baby Steps

By Melody Schafer YouTuber @

We all have dreams and goals. We sit with our thoughts in the clouds, thinkings what could be "one day" or "should have been". We feel euphoric when we let ourselves dream of traveling to beautiful places with white sandy beaches or climbing the peaks of kilimanjaro instead of sitting in a cubicle dialing phones, entering data, standing on a factory floor or stuck in a brick and mortar business once thought to be "the dream".

We may have spent years in a university to get that degree that would guarantee a secure life with a mortgage, car payment, credit card bills, spouse, children and a dog in the suburbs....we were told that would make us happy...that is what we were "supposed" to do.

We never dared to allow those whimsical dreams to be anything more than that...UNTIL..."one day" we realize...IT'S NOW OR NEVER. How can we even think about something as crazy as selling off ALL our belongings and traveling the world. What would people say? What would our family think of us? Would doing something so outrageous be a financial mistake? Is it better to just keep our heads down and work hard and save until we retire at 67-70 years old and THEN try to follow those dreams with maybe partially clogged arteries, high blood pressure from living a life that we didn't order or arthritis so painful we can barely climb out of a car...let alone climb a mountain? Are we even guaranteed a life until that age?

Each person needs to decide for themselves if they want to say HELL WITH IT and GO FOR IT. Of course a little financial planning would be a good idea but a dream all starts with one small baby step. If you are a responsible person you most likely will want to have some type of plan.

Get yourself a notebook. Start researching your dreams. We will use traveling the world as an example, but your dream is yours and can be ANYTHING you want it to be. Your dream or final goal may not turn out exactly how you might be a bit might be BETTER. You will never know unless you start with that first baby step.

Something as simple as purchasing that notebook from the dollar store is your first baby step. Putting pictures up on your wall as to where in the world you want to go might be a 2nd baby step. Finding out about each  country and the exact town, street, hotel or airbnb accomodations might be your 3rd step. This alone can take some time. Work on your dreams on a daily basis.

If you plan on solely living off an online income while traveling then finding how to earn online will be a project in itself. Finding online business opportunities and jobs is not that difficult. There are many, but you need to find something you are passionate about. If you arre passionate about traveling you may want to blog about your travels or even in our case blogging about preparing for our world travel. Vlogging on YouTube is a wonderful platform to meet many wonderful people around the world who are already living your dream. They may have many tips and ideas to help you get on your way. Watch their videos, ask questions, follow through with whatever you plan on doing. Don't keep your dreams up in the cloud...even if that dream is a few years away.

Deciding on downsizing or completely selling off everything is something you need to think about. Is this something you even want to do? The more you own, the more money you need to house your belongings either in an apartment, condo, house or even storage unit. The larger home or storage location, the more you need to work to pay to house those things. Having less can can be a feeling of total freedom. There are many YouTube videos on how to declutter, how to downsize, how to become a minimalist. You don't have to become a minimalist of course, but one can learn a lot from just keeping our minds open to a new way of living.

Following a dream can be a complete and total lifestyle change. What type of lifestyle do you want? What will make you happy? No one is stopping us from making changes in our life...only fear. If one makes a lifestyle change and they don't like it they can tweek it until they do like it. It rarely happens that a dream just happens over night and works out the first time. It takes a little work...OK...a LOT of work. It takes determination.

Yes, there will be MANY obstacles along the way. This is why we take baby steps. Keep inching forward and working around, over and through those obstacles until you get where you want to be. Once we reach a goal, we most likely will have a new goal and dream and that is OK. It's the journey that counts. This is why we must enjoy today and every day as we move forward with whtaever we are doing. There is no guarantee there is a tomorrow, so we must do what we feel is right and good, but also do it in a way that makes sense to us in the long run...because hopefully we do live to a ripe old age and when it's our time to leave this world we can say we had no regrets. We tried it all. We made some mistakes and maybe we did not accomplish all we wanted, but we can at least say we gave it our all.

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